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'Decoding Deepak' heads to festival circuit

01/31/2012 | DAVE MCNARY

Completed docu tracks year in the life of spiritualist Chopra


Nala Films has completed "Decoding Deepak," a feature-length documentary film that chronicles one year in the life of spiritualist Deepak Chopra.

Nala said Monday it plans to take "Deepak," which it financed, on to the festival circuit.

The film's written, directed and produced by Deepak's son, filmmaker and journalist Gotham Chopra. It followed his father during 2010 as he travelled around the world.

Gotham Chopra and Mark Rinehart produced. Scott Carlin and Nala principals Emilio Diez Barroso and Darlene Caamano Loquet are exec producers, and Josh Sorkin co-produced.

"Working with Emilio, Scott, Darlene and the whole NALA team has been amongst the best and most rewarding experiences of my career - they give Hollywood a good name," Gotham Chopra said. "I just hope my dad agrees when he sees the finished cut, or at least doesn't kill me."

Deepak Chopra has written over 64 books published in more than 85 languages. Nala's latest projects include Spanish-language comedy "Casa De Mi Padre" and coming of age comedy "Ceremony."

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